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Mass Cards are appropriate for all important events in our lives - Birthday, Anniversary, and Graduation celebrations; Christmas, Easter and secular holidays; as well as occasions for sympathy and mourning.

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The Curious World of the Last Stop

On the wall of the F station at 179th Street in Jamaica, Queens, spelled out in white and blue mosaic tile, is the legend Monastery and Retreat House, accompanied by an arrow pointing down Hillside Avenue...... Read More

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By giving a mass card to family, friends and loved ones, you convey a grander gesture and support the Passionists´ important work throughout our neighborhoods.

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by Fr. Richard Scheiner,C.P.

We all have good days and bad days. So here’s a happy thought to have when you’re having a bad day. Think of two or three good things that you’ve done in life. Remembering them may well feed the notion that tomorrow can be good because yesterday was. Dostoyevsky thought so when he wrote: “One good memory may be the means of saving us.” Now there’s something to do on a bad day.

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