The Immaculate Conception Monastery
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Who We Are

The Immaculate Conception Monastery in Queens, NY

We are The Passionists, a world-wide religious community within the Catholic Church. Our mission is characterized by a special focus on the "Passion" of Jesus, that is, his suffering and death leading to His resurrection. We see this as a pattern for much of the Christian way of life. This leads us to a prayerful, contemplative lifestyle, and it fires our Ministry to bring to the community a greater knowledge of ourselves and a more sensitive response to the needs of our neighbors.

There are more than 2,200 Passionists working in fifty-six countries around the world. They preach missions and operate retreat centers and parishes. They are in the neighborhood, the media, and the military and hospital chaplaincies. Passionists always go where they are needed most.

In 1852, the first Passsionist Community in America was established. Since then, the Passionist community has grown to more than 40 locations in the United States. Immaculate Conception Monastery in Jamaica, Queens was founded in 1924 as a charitable, nonprofit organization to bring people to Jesus in the Passionist tradition. Today there are 31 priests and brothers who are members of Immaculate Conception Monastery, Parish and Bishop Molloy Retreat House.

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